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Bonnie's Dance Studio

Bonnie's Dance Studio

AT BONNIE'S DANCE STUDIO our primary objective is to build self-esteem while creating talented dancers.  This program gives students the opportunity to express themselves and grow in a positive, challenging, and fun environment while participating in the Art of Dance.  Our goal is to encourage the development of important life skills- Teamwork, Dedication, Responsibility, Leadership, and Strong Self-Image.

ATTITUDE & DISCIPLINE:  Discipline and a positive attitude are key elements to any successful program.  Our studio teaches excellent dance technique and valuable life skills while building self-esteem.  We use Assertive Discipline to teach dancers to manage their own behavior.  Parents and dancers must have a positive attitude towards the program, teachers and school.


Performing is a wonderful opportunity for your child to demonstrate their accomplishments.  All performing students follow the rules of professionalism.  The Director makes all final decision concerning who participates in performances.   Dancers are expected to be at all performances and unless prior arrangements have been made with the director.

ANNUAL RECITAL is held approximately the third week of June.  Costumes are ordered in advance.

 HOLIDAYS:  We observe the same holidays as public schools unless otherwise indicated.  Each class will have a team mom to contact you for notices and cancellations and all other class information.

PARENT OBSERVATION is the last class of each month.  You may video tape or record music for home practice if you would like..